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Feyla - Nine Demons

Feyla - Nine Demons

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Nine Demons is Lex Metcalfe's first full-length album under the name Feyla. This new record is a return to solo form after years of work in Waxlimbs.
Taking inspiration from field recordings and stray pieces of hardware, there is a dusty and organic tone to these songs, like collected memorabilia that loses luster through time spent in drawers and closets. Yet while relic may be at play, there is also something sharp about the music- it largely remains prickly and fuzzed out.

The Demons in question are malevolent artifacts of past experience. Old rolls of film full of surprises, dust-caked piles of notes, old works. Nine Demons is a dream catcher for these things, a filter containing the basic recipes for little pains.


Everything by Lex Metcalfe except:
Omnichord and Acoustic Guitar on Fire Demon by Paul Geldart
Some Production on Rain Demon by Nick Jung and Will Jarvis

Special thanks to Jackson Welchner, Jake Butineau, Sam Haggart and Jasper

Released May 05, 2019

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