Astrolope is Paul Geldart


The act of eloping (read: escaping with a lover) to space.

Astrolope is Paul Geldart’s solo electronic project. His music fuses quirky, offbeat electronica with Paul’s signature brand of visceral rock drumming. Inspired by video game soundtracks, psychedelic synth music and anything with good drums, Astrolope’s music is a big colourful mess. 


Animal Party - Sever (Astrolope Remix)
Sever (Astrolope Remix)
Astrolope - Spaceboi
Astrolope - The Traveller OST
The Traveller OST
Astrolope - Sour Dream
Sour Dream
Astrolope - Planets and Polygons
Planets and Polygons
Astrolope - Songs for Imaginary Friends
Songs for Imaginary Friends