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Astrolope - Spaceboi

Astrolope - Spaceboi

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High quality album download in .mp3, .flac, or .wav formats

Thank you for listening, I hope you enjoy my silly keyboard music :P

To make it, I used a Korg ms-20 mini, an Arturia Minibrute, an Elka x-55 suitcase organ, a Casio pt-100, a casio sk-1, a Roland rs-50, a Korg Monotron, a Korg ms2000, a Tamburo maple custom drum-set, various percussion, and Ableton Live 9.

If you have any questions or whatever, you can contact me at


Everything by Paul Geldart

Except for:
Vocals on ":D" and "Holdin u" by Olivia Cox
Tambourine on ":D" by Brendan Nickels
Harp on "Video" (Bonus Track) by Sinéad Birmingham

Released Nov 05, 2017

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