Waxlimbs – Watcher
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Release Date: November 27, 2020

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Watcher is a song by Waxlimbs
Music by Waxlimbs
Mixing and Mastering by Lex Metcalfe
Artwork by Emma Mochii (Artstation)


I walk up at the theatre, no words, and she just laughs
says “follow me out back.”
I take the invitation, she brings me to the gardens,
taking off her shoes
and wading in the water, she just watches me
says “friend you’re hiding something everyone should see.”

Back home in my bedroom, there’s a boy with a knife
and he helps me love myself
Patient like a painter, finding patterns in my skin
and letting spirits fly

What did you find
I saw that look in your eyes

I’m living in the difference
It’s getting hard to split it
I step out of my body,
see my feathers coming up through the skin

What did you find
I saw that look in your eyes