Animal Party – Dreamweaver
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All songs written, produced and mastered by Sinéad Bermingham
Front cover art by Sinéad Bermingham
Guitars on track 10 by Ethan PoundsI would like to thank those that inspired and supported this album;
Dani, Chad, Paul, Lex, Sophia, Martin, Mac, Shawn Mackenzie and Rob McLay.

All my favourite bands in Toronto that continue to inspire me
Other Families, Luge, Waxlimbs, Astrolope, Spookyfish, Itchy and the Infectious, Tongues, Bénédicte, Bien Agiter, Fuzzcoil, Squiggly Lines, Toucan Slam, Sly Why, Bicyclops, Akage No Anne, Konig, N//K. So many more I can’t even think of but it’s all really inspiring stuff.

My loved ones and friends in Dublin, the Bermingham family, Conor, Soybean, Tonality Records, Electronicgirls.