Animal Party

Animal Party is the experimental electronic solo project of Dublin-born Sinéad Bermingham. Animal Party paints imagery of natural phenomena, relating to the human condition and her own personal experiences through music by blending dense textures, ample beats, organic and synthetic sounds.


Astrolope is Paul Geldart’s solo electronic project. His music fuses quirky, offbeat electronica with Paul’s signature brand of visceral rock drumming. Inspired by video game soundtracks, psychedelic synth music and anything with good drums, Astrolope’s music is a big colourful mess.



Waxlimbs is an electronic-rock project based in Toronto. The group’s sound encapsulates alternative rock, electronica and progressive metal. Live, they perform in striking masks with a reactive lightshow, both of which complement their peculiar sound. Waxlimbs’ music explores themes of alienation, loss and mutation in an effort to conjure a sense of never feeling quite at home; of living in a different universe with no hope of return, and the adaptation that must occur.