Copy of Waxlimbs_120mm_04_05
Photo by James Irvin

Waxlimbs (Toronto, Canada) – What started as the solo project of singer/producer, Alex Metcalfe evolved into an art-centric collaboration with Paul Geldart on drums and synths, Will Jarvis on guitar and vocals, and Olivia Cox on keys and vocals.

Waxlimbs’ music shifts between ghostly ballads and noise rock elements, all with a healthy dose of pop sensibilities. Live, the group performs masked with theatrics and visuals that accompany their peculiar approach and sound.

Their last record, For Science! came out on July 8th 2017. It’s a genre-defying collection of songs that move from dreamy electronica to somewhere near… metal? It’s a record that shows the range of Waxlimbs’ sound taking you from the vacuum of space to the bottom of the ocean.

Available on Bandcamp


For Science! (2017)
The Autumn Bell (2019)

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