Feyla’s Cracked Earth is Out!

Cracked Earth combines serene, glacial bass guitar chords with grinding, explosive beats. The companion track, Skywheel, takes a much more subdued approach and hypnotizes with plateaus of synths and muted percussion.

Feyla – Nine Demons Out Now

Will Jarvis – Quiet Entropy Available Now!

    Available on Bandcamp

Astrolope – Spaceboi Available Now!

Available on Bandcamp

Waxlimbs – For Science! Available Now

Available on: Bandcamp iTunes and Apple Music Spotify

Logo Re-Design

It’s been a while since Plutoid has stirred from its deep sleep, but now it seems there’s something to show. I’ve been busy setting up the new website (trust me, this one just… works better) and redesigning our branding. Here’s a side-by-side of the old logo with the new one:

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