Feyla is Lex Metcalfe

Feyla is Toronto-based producer and sound designer Lex Metcalfe. Originally an outlet for Electroacoustic university-work, Feyla became the main umbrella for Lex’s solo electronic music. Favouring glitchy beats and dusty synths, the project sounds like some kind of warped take on electronica and lo-fi pop.

A founding member of Toronto band Waxlimbs, they release music under the Feyla name which strays too far outside of the group’s sonic territory.


Feyla - The Veil
The Veil
Animal Party & Feyla - Magic Lantern
Home is a Haven
Feyla - Cracked Earth
Cracked Earth
Feyla - Nine Demons
Nine Demons
Feyla - Little Demon
Little Demon