Animal Party

COMING SOON: Enchantment

Coming October 21st is the new full-length album from Toronto’s Animal Party (Dublin-born Sinéad Bermingham). A bit about the record:

The album’s ten tracks were composed over the course of three years, from Sinéad’s departure from Canada in 2017 to her return in 2019. From tiny bedroom studios in Dublin and Berlin, she began composing from improvised jams, harnessing influences from the local artists living in each city. Returning to Toronto in 2019, Sinéad took time to release an album with BisonBison and three singles with Other Families before eventually adding the final touches to ‘Enchantment’, along with additional production spice and mixing/mastering.

Sinéad’s music is a colourful exploration of forests of synthesizers and the organic textures of harp and field recordings. Enchantment is no exception.

Enchantment will be available here in the Plutoid Store, on Bandcamp, and via your favourite streaming service.